Heart Healthy Products


To create a healthy heart you need to get rid of the saturated fats, and greatly reduce sodium and sugar. I have made it easy for you. Here are the products that I use and recommend for heart-healthy living and cardio support. These products were some of the key reasons why I was able to reduce my cholesterol from 268 to 152.
Below are some of the products that helped me achieve my success. You won’t find anything on my site that I don’t use myself and highly recommend. The Heart Easy™ Cookbook lists pages of products that will help you create vibrant health.

Francesco Rinaldi To Be Healthy sauces are perfect for your heart-healthy cooking. I use them in all my recipes calling for a red pasta sauce. Their sauces are fresh-tasting, full of flavor and can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients. I am so glad this company cares about our heart health. Look for these sauces in your stores, or ask your manager to carry them for you. It’s never too early to begin cooking for health.
King Arthur Flour has outstanding qualities and nutritional benefits. I use their products for all my cooking and baking needs. I love King Arthur’s white whole wheat and whole wheat flours. Often I combine the two along with their unbleached bread flour for my sourdough loaves. Be sure to keep your supply refreshed. You’ll find many of my recipes contain flour. I always use this brand for success.
I discovered the Lee Kum Kee products in my supermarket and gave them a try. Was I ever pleased! Lee Kum Kee makes exceptional tasting sauces, recipe ingredients and convenience sauces for quick meals. Read the labels to make sure you buy the ones with the lowest saturated fat content and the lowest sodium and sugar content. I love the convenience sauces because I can add a ton of vegetables to the dishes and create fabulous meals in minutes. For me, these products offer health benefits that fit my heart-healthy style.
One of the first products I tried in my heart-healthy regime were the Lisanatti Foods soy, almond and rice cheeses. I was scared at first because I wondered how cheese alternatives would act and taste. To my complete surprise and total delight, the cheese alternatives made the transition from saturated-fat cheese to heart-healthy products a delicious breeze. I only use the Lisanatti products in my cooking and baking. I have stumped my guests who could not tell the difference between regular saturated-fat laden cheeses and the Lisanatti blends. These products are stars in my kitchen and I encourage all of you to try this alternative to fat laden cheese and get on the heart-healthy bandwagon.
I love eggs, but use them sparingly. For omelets, Fritata’s and other breakfast delights, I use Nulaid ReddiEgg. It is convenient, healthy and saves artery-hardening cholesterol. I haven’t found a recipe yet where ReddiEgg isn’t my top choice. Knowing that you are helping your heart at the same time providing protein for your body is a plus. Check out my breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes using ReddiEgg and see if you don’t agree with me that this is a life-altering positive change.


I also love and recommend the following markets and websites:

-Wholefoods Market
-Trader Joes
-Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef. She’s fun and full of healthy low fat and delicious eating tips and recipes. You may enjoy her radio show at 7pm on KABC Saturday nights. She is a friend of Heart Easy.
-Kathy Kaehler is another great contact and friend of Heart Easy. See her amazing Sunday Set Up Plans on her website. I love her organization and planning.

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