The Heart Easy™ program and cookbook began because I had a heart attack in 2006. It caught me completely off guard. For years I’d been eating healthy, or thought I was. I maintained a healthy average weight and figured I’d outlast most of my contemporaries. The heart attack told me loud and clear I needed to do much more than I was already doing. Thus began my journey into heart healthy eating.

I started by making a list of everything I loved to eat, then I researched the list in terms of fats, salts, sugars and nutrition. As I began to read labels in greater detail, I saw how much I was putting into my body without even realizing it. I changed everything in my refrigerator to non-fat and I experimented with substitutes for my favorite dishes. I tried the new recipes out on my friends and relatives and that’s when the real excitement began.

My guests didn’t know they were eating fat-free dishes. Only when they raved about how delicious the meal was, did I tell them. At first, I saw a lot of raised eyebrows and shocked faces, but no one ran shrieking off into the hills. One by one the calls started coming in. Would I share this recipe or that with them?  I was encouraged by friends, especially Sharon Wuerl, to write a cookbook and publish it so everyone could share in heart-healthy meals without losing good taste.

I’m on a mission now.

I want to help every cook in America produce heart-healthy meals for their families. There is no reason that we can’t reduce heart disease by 50% in this country by changing the ingredients we use and making our meals healthier. Heart disease wasn’t an issue 100 years ago and now it’s the nation’s #1 killer. What happened?

Our foods changed and so did the way our bodies respond. If we follow a smarter way of cooking and eating we can save our lives and the lives of those we love. You don’t have to eat rabbit food to be heart-healthy. I changed all of my traditional favorites into heart-healthy meals by switching out the ingredients and finding new ways to cook old favorites. You can do the same and bring a long, lively and happy life to those you love.

Start today. Get on the heart easy track! It’s fun, it’s easy, and I promise you’ll look and feel a lot better following my recipes and tips. There are over 275 pages of recipes and information in my cookbook to help you lead a heart-healthy life beginning today. Your heart will thank you; mine does every day.

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