Does all the talk about heart disease worry you? Does it run in your family? Are you at risk and don’t even know it? Let me show you how to prevent heart disease and live a long, healthy life. You can absolutely eat Heart Healthy without food tasting like cardboard or sawdust. Your favorite recipes can be YUMMIER than ever, HEART HEALTHY and EASY too. You can reduce your risk of heart disease by taking action today. Start cooking and eating heart healthy with the Heart Easy™ Cookbook. You’ll also get a free DVD, A Quick Course in Heart Health, when you purchase your copy of the Heart Easy™ Cook Book! My gift to you and your heart.

The Heart Easy™ program and cookbook began because I had a heart attack in 2006. It caught me completely off guard. For years I’d been eating healthy, or thought I was. I maintained a healthy average weight and figured I’d outlast most of my contemporaries. The heart attack told me loud and clear I needed to do much more than I was already doing. One of my arteries was 99% blocked and required 2 stents. I needed to review everything I ate very seriously, especially saturated fats, if I wanted to avoid having another heart incident. Thus began my journey into heart healthy eating. I revamped the way I ate and reduced my cholesterol from 268 to 152 by learning to read labels and changing the ingredients in my favorite dishes.

The Heart Easy™ Food Lovers’ Guide to Heart Healthy Eating was born.

With Heart Easy™ recipes you lose the saturated fats and keep the delicious taste. You don’t have to limit yourself to rabbit food and your meals don’t have to taste like press board to be heart-healthy.

From my heart to yours with love,

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